Women sort the fish while the men relax after returning from fishing. A timeless tradition thats played out every morning (unless its to rough)  Beira Mozambique


African Photo Adventure

Bull Elephant - Kruger National Park

I muse as to whether elephants think we can't see them when they watch you from behind flimsy branches. 




My FAVORITE african Bird

The only thing better than one Lilac Breasted Roller is getting two together. Of the over 400 varieties of birds to be photographed in East Africa the Lilac Breatsed Roller is my favourite.

This opportunity arose in Tsavo West one of the oldest National Parks in Kenya.  Its fallen in popularity for the average tourist as MUCH OF  the TERRAIN is rugged and spotting game can be  difficult. However the lack of people and the nature of the terrain rewards the avid PHOTOGRAPHER.

The light and angles due to the hilly nature can give OPPORTUNITIES to ACHIEVE photos not possible on other more accessible National Parks

Tsavo Wesr Kenya - Lilac Breasted Rollers

Tsavo Wesr Kenya - Lilac Breasted Rollers

Elephants of Mana Pools Zimbabwe


Mana Pools Zimbabwe , there are just a few places you get to see in the world that feel like a spiritual home, for me Mana Pools is just one of those places , a place that photographic magic happens.

The light is unique and you get go photograph the animals in a setting that is incredibly beautiful.







African Photo Adventure Tsavo West Kenya

We have moved on from Amboseli to explore the rugged wild and incredibly beautiful Tsavo West National Park. Its combination of rich red soils, black lava flows and rugged hills bisected by valleys teaming with wildlife allow me the opportunity to combine my two favorite photographic genres wildlife and landscape. 

A Klip Springer surveys its domain high in the rugged ranges, a truely beautiful and wild part of Africa



Klipspringer Tsavo East Kenya

Klipspringer Tsavo East Kenya

International launch of my website

This is a true test of the new web

Launching my website from the transit lounge of Pet Airport on my way to Nairobi to startan extended African photo adventure.

Check it out at

All the thanks must go to my time in The Arcanum and particularly the Glenn Guy Cohort. 

Creating a website and blog is part of our Sphere 1 process.

Special thanks to Vesa Loikas who made it all possible and is responsible for all the good design decisions and I am a responsible for all the bad ones