Living on the Edge is all about

  • taking the plunge,

  • getting involved ,

  • taking the risk,

  • leading the life you want to lead,

  • rewarding your creative and artistic self.

This site has been setup to chronicle my own adventures but also to promote and share adventures with my fellow photographic travellers. We are all in this together.





Guy Parkes 

Is a photographer and videographer specializing in seascapes , nature and wildlife .

Guy lives  in the beautiful coastal town of Leigh  New Zealand and his  photographic  adventures take him  around the world.

Guy's photographic life is dedicated to the discovery and recording of natural beauty in all its forms and then sharing  this with the world at large via the website and blog and social media channels.  

Life is a collaboration, wherever possible  I  team up with other photographers either online or in real life to realize the projects and adventures and  bring them to you.