Return to Mana Pools Zimbabwe - September 2017

In 2015 I had the opportunity to travel with well known photographic guide Kevin Linforth into the Zambezi valley. I was travelling from Kenya to Zambia and a friend suggested if I wanted to checkout Mana Pools I should make contact with Kevin. 

Kevin wasnt running a safari but invited me on a private expedition to check out a a new drift boat he was adding and also to travel with him through the Zambezi Valley exploring for a permanent campsite that he was wanting to establish.

I jumped at the chance and flew in to meet Kevin at Kariba and the four day adventure went from there.

jump forward two years and I am now returning to the Mana with my wife as guests of Kevin at his new camp Dhumkawa on the banks of the Zambezi in Mana Pools.

I cant wait to show my wife a special part of the world as Kevin shows as around his beloved Mana Pools and Chitake Springs over a 10 day period in September - Sunpath Safaris  


Some photos of the 2015 expedition