Gift from a fellow Artist

I am a member of the online photography learning group The Arcanum which takes the old master apprentice model of learning and teams it with all the latest online tools to create a new old style of education. I belong to a cohort of 20 students under the tutelage and mentorship of our Master Glenn Guy.

We get set a range of assignments, some compulsory, some voluntary that we can all do at our own pace. There are twenty compulsory assignments to qualify and four formal one on one critique sessions with our master. As we near the end of our journey we are tasked to prepare a portfolio and then host it on a website with a blog. 

I was not relishing the website bit as I have studiously avoided website creation all my life and when I made a statement about my struggle in the cohort a fellow student set about helping me by listening to what I wanted to achieve and then went away and created a basic site for me to input into, all without me knowing.

When the sight was unveiled to me it was one of those moments in my artistic life where i was just  dumbfounded by the support and kindness of a fellow student . 

Vesa Loikas your a huge talent and a man of unbounding generosity. I thank you


Vesa Loikas a great artist and a beautiful friend

Vesa Loikas a great artist and a beautiful friend