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Crossing the Mara River, Mara  Triangle , Kenya  

Crossing the Mara River, Mara  Triangle , Kenya


River crossing Mara Triangle Masai Mara Kenya.

The Masai Mara Reserve on the border of kenya and Tanzania is recognized as one of the top locations for wildlife photographers in Africa.

This river crossing photo is a good example of why it is so popular.  There is a backdrop of beautiful landscape, a selection of Hippos , Wildebeest, Zebras , Topi , Elephants and Crocodiles all in one photo.

To the left out of frame we had just been photographing Leopard and 5 minutes drive away we were later in the afternoon filming  a pride of Lions.

After visiting 5 African countries and many other great wildlife reserves the Masai Mara remains my favourite.

Best time of year to visit: Late August , September, early October when the 2 million plus wildebeeste are visiting on the annual migration. 

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